Reaction Training Device Model X: Innovation in Reflex Training and Rehabilitation

Reaction Training Device Model X Innovation in Reflex Training and Rehabilitation

In today’s dynamic world, where milliseconds determine sports outcomes and reaction speed can be crucial for health and safety, the question arises: how can these skills be trained effectively and safely? The answer to this need is the Reflex and Reaction Time Device Model X– a device that sets new standards in training reactions and coordination.

Versatility of the Reaction Training Device at your fingertips

Model X is not just training equipment; it is a tool that combines advanced technology with intuitive operation. It is perfect for schools, where through play and competition, it shapes children’s skills. For athletes, it becomes a faithful companion, raising their condition to a championship level. And in rehabilitation, it is a valuable device supporting a return to health and full functionality.

Height adjustment: personalization to a new level

The uniqueness of Model X is highlighted by the option of adjustable height. Thanks to this feature, every user, regardless of height, can adjust the device to their own needs. This feature distinguishes Model X from the competition – the possibility of personalization not only delights users but also opens up new possibilities in training.

Technology for health and fun

The advanced software of Model X is available in two versions: SPORT & SCHOOL and REHABILITATION. Each is refined to maximize the benefits of training. For children and teenagers, Model X is fantastic fun that also develops their coordination and reflexes. For adults, it’s a way to keep the mind and body in excellent condition.

Safety first

User safety is the foundation on which Model X is built. 12V power supply ensures that both training sessions and play involving the youngest are completely safe. This is an aspect that parents and guardians particularly appreciate, and coaches and therapists consider essential.

An attraction for events and more

Model X not only fits perfectly into daily training but also becomes the star of every event. Its modern design and interactivity attract attention and encourage participants to try their hand. It is a device that arouses interest and becomes the focal point of every event, from family picnics to professional sports events.


The Reflex and Reaction Time Device Model X is more than a training device. It is a partner in development, a rehabilitation tool, and the star of every event. It supports education, strengthens in sports, and assists in returning to health. It is a symbol of safety, technology, and personalization. We invite you to a world where training in reflexes and coordination reaches a new dimension – welcome to the world of Model X.

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  • The Junior Reflexometer, specially designed for our youngest users, with easy-to-assemble construction and educational and rehabilitative programs. Additionally,
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Reaction time trainer device and 6 reflex exercises

Reaction time trainer device and 6 reflex exercises

Reflex is the body’s response to a stimulus, and its speed depends on many factors such as age, level of physical activity, genetics, health, and others. Regardless of the cause, improving reflexes can help avoid danger and increase physical fitness. Below are a few exercises that can help improve reflexes.


The first three exercises require a reaction time trainer. The remaining 3 exercises do not require any exercise equipment.

Reaction to light: In this exercise, focus on reacting to a button that lights up. You can set the reaction timer to random button lighting mode – random mode or a specific pattern – memory mode. Then try to press the button as quickly as possible when it lights up.
Reaction to sound: Similar to the exercise with a reaction to a lit button, you can set the reaction time trainer to randomly select sounds. Try to react as quickly as possible when you hear the sound.

Reaction to visual and verbal stimuli: In this exercise, focus on reacting to two types of stimuli at once – visual and verbal. For example, the reaction timer may display a word that contains the number of the button, and then light up the button that needs to be pressed.

Tennis ball bouncing: This is one of the most popular exercises for improving reflexes. It involves bouncing a tennis ball between two people or bouncing it off a wall. The faster the ball is bounced, the more challenging the exercise becomes, allowing for improvement in the body’s reaction.

Running with obstacles: Running with obstacles can help improve reflexes and motor coordination. Various obstacles can be used, such as cones, boxes, and fences, to make running more demanding.

Auditory reaction exercises: This type of training involves playing sounds from different sources and then reacting to them as quickly as possible. Special applications or games can be used to help improve reaction to sound.

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Before starting any physical exercise, it is worth consulting a doctor, as it can help avoid dangers and health problems. The doctor can conduct a preliminary assessment of your health status, ruling out any contraindications to exercise. A reaction time trainer does not require this type of examination.

There are various diseases and conditions that can affect your ability to perform physical exercise. Examples include heart disease, asthma, thyroid disease, diabetes, joint diseases, neurological disorders, and many others. In the case of these diseases or other health problems, some physical exercises can be dangerous or even harmful to health.

During a medical consultation, the doctor can perform physical examinations and ask about your medical history to exclude the risk of any complications related to the exercises you will be doing. They may also advise on which types of exercises are the safest and most effective in your particular case. The doctor may also conduct an EKG test to rule out any heart problems that may lead to serious consequences during physical exercise.

Reaction time trainer for kids new model, reflex meter for children

“The new device model prepared for children called Reflexometer Junior was the main attraction of the Irena Szewińska Memorial in Bydgoszcz in August 2020. The booth of the “Education through Sport” Foundation was the most popular due to the attractive appearance of our device, where young future athletes could check their reflexes.

The Reflex Simulator for children turned out to be a hit, where through great fun, it was possible to train on the device to increase their reaction speed.

The device can also be used for medical purposes. A doctor or therapist can set the measurement time and button backlight time while waiting for the child’s reaction. The reflexometer can also be used as a tool for testing motor coordination and to aid in recovery.

The Tokyo Reflexometer model is much larger, but has a junior mode for children. Activating this mode on the touch screen of the reflex simulator allows only the middle buttons to be used in the game. The model Junior described above is prepared exclusively for our youngest participants.”

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Film z prezentacją refleksomierza Asuzu model Tokio

Savings due to low energy consumption

The purchase of a reflexometer is an investment for many years of work, which is why choosing the right model should be done consciously and according to our needs, taking into account the analysis of all costs, not just those related to the device’s purchase.

During the design of the electronic system of the device, we placed great emphasis on minimizing power consumption, which translates into lower energy costs – the device is powered only by 12V. We are aware that this involved additional expenses for testing and system components, but in our assessment, these expenses were not in vain.

During the required tests for the reflexometer to be approved for sale in the European Union market, we demonstrated that the device consumes only 1.2 watts of energy per hour (1000 watts cost 95 cents).

This means that at a price of 95 cents per 1 kWh, we would pay approximately 60 cents for the operation of the reflexometer if the device worked for the entire month (30 days) for 10 hours per day.

The low energy consumption is largely due to the LED lights and the TFT display technology used in the device.”

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