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Reaction Training Device for Children / Reaction Time Tester

Reaction training device for children - the JUNIOR model is great fun and improve reaction time in one solution. This is something completely new on the market.

Reaction training device is destined for children. We designed the device to make maximalize attractive form to spend free time for young.

Competition with peer players, touchable control screen, to beat own records is not only great fun. This is something new and different for children but the most important idea is to make healthy form spend free time.

Reaction time tester device is modern and very trendy attractive for use picnic, children’s party, a playroom. The device give unforgettable experience for the youngest.

6 languages versions of the display available

When You will buy a device, You schould choose one of the available language versions of the display. Until April 28, 2021, we offer the following language versions: English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Polish.

Reaction time tester is powered by a safty low voltage of 12V

Reaction time tester Asuzu brand is powered low voltage harmless for children and adult and is always safty fo healthy even if device will be flood.

The simple to use software for many modes fun or training and make it possible to measure reaction time in wide time range. Software have many application and many settings for intresting use. By playing, children can improve reaction time and spend their time actively and safety.

JUNIOR model - designed only for children

Specifications of the Reaction Training Device / Hand-Eye Coordination and description of the JUNIOR model

Training consists in pressing the button currently highlighted. In one of the three training modes, the athlete has the option of setting the duration of the training and the time the button is illuminated.

We invite you to watch a short film presenting the device during the training of players.

The player can choose one of three main game programs:


The most frequently chosen program at the gym and in fitness clubs.

  • press as many illuminated buttons as possible during the workout,
  • game time – 60 seconds, button backlight time – 1 second.

CUSTOM mode:

The player, trainer or doctor has the option of making the program settings himself:

  • training time from 30 seconds to 5 minutes,
  • button backlight time from 500 ms to 3 seconds.

MEMORY mode:

The task of the memory mode is to increase the ability to remember along with motor coordination:

  • easy level: training time – 60 seconds, backlight – 3 seconds, sequence – 20 events,
  • average level: training time – 52 seconds, backlight – 1.3 seconds, sequence – 40 events,
  • hard level: training time – 54 seconds, backlight – 0.9 seconds, sequence – 60 events,
  • genius level: training time – 56 seconds, backlight – 0.7 seconds, sequence – 80 events.

The manufacturer reserves that the software versions may slightly differ from the above description, because the program is being improved on an ongoing basis based on the opinions of users, opinions of doctors and trainers using the reflexometer in everyday practice.

Device dimensions:

  • width: 117 cm
  • height: 145 cm
  • side length: 68 cm

Power supply:

  • voltage: 12V
  • rated power: 12 Watt

Display: 4.3 inch touch screen

Number of buttons: 8 pieces.

Model JUNIOR  has a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.