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Reaction Training Device Model X

Reflex and Reaction Time Device Model X - with height adjustment option. Guarantee of versatility, simplicity, and comfort of use.

Model X is easily adapts to the diverse needs of users. Supplied standard at a height of 150 cm, it is ideal for children over 130 cm tall and adults up to 190 cm.

For those seeking a personalized solution, we offer the option of ordering the device with height adjustment, tailored to the individual guidelines of the customer.

Reaction Time Trainer Model X not only effectively supports reflex training and motor development in children but also becomes an attractive feature at various events, arousing curiosity and encouraging interactive play. Its presence at events guarantees to attract participants, encouraging them to test and improve their own reaction skills.

A Reaction Training Device that is mobile and very easy to transport.

Unlike many other recreational training Reaction Time Trainer, Model X is characterized by a simple structure consisting of three elements that can be easily assembled and disassembled. As a result, the device is exceptionally easy to carry and store, making it an ideal choice for organizing events, group activities, or trainings in different locations.

Model X is designed with a wide range of users in mind – children, adults, athletes, and people undergoing rehabilitation. Two types of software – SPORT & SCHOOL and REHABILITATION – make this Sensory Training Device for Children extremely flexible and applicable in various scenarios, from improving sports performance to supporting recovery processes.

Reflex and Reaction Time Device powered by a safe 12V voltage.

ASUZU Reaction Time Trainer are powered by a harmless low voltage of 12V for children and adults. Whether it’s reflex exercise training or a play mode for children, the device is always safe. Simple-to-use play and training programs allow for reaction time measurement.

Model X is synonymous with intuitive operation. Its easy-to-use software allows for a quick transition from settings to activity, minimizing the time needed for preparation and maximizing training efficiency.

Technical data and program function description:

Reaction Time Tester device dimensions:

  • width: 130 cm,
  • height: 145 cm,
  • side length: 28 cm.

Power supply:

  • voltage: 12V
  • rated power: 12 Watts
  • Display: Touch 4.3 inches

Number of buttons: 8 pieces.

The player has the option to choose one of three main game programs:


  • press as many lit buttons as possible during the training,
  • game time – 60 seconds, button illumination time – 1 second.


The player, trainer, or doctor can set the program settings themselves:

  • training time from 30 seconds to 5 minutes,
  • button illumination time from 500 ms to 3 seconds.


The task of memory mode is to increase the ability to remember along with motor coordination:

  • easy level: training time – 60 seconds, illumination – 3 seconds, sequence – 20 events,
  • medium level: training time – 52 seconds, illumination – 1.3 seconds, sequence – 40 events,
  • easy level: training time – 54 seconds, illumination – 0.9 seconds, sequence – 60 events,
  • genius level: training time – 56 seconds, illumination – 0.7 seconds, sequence – 80 events.

The manufacturer reserves the right to make minor changes to the software versions compared to the above description, as the program is continuously improved based on feedback from users, doctors, and trainers using the reflexometer in daily practice.