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Advertising Wall with the Reaction Time Trainer

Principle of operation of the Reaction Time Trainer on the Advertising Wall

The game involves pressing the currently lit button. In one of the three modes of play, the user can set the duration of the game or test and the button illumination time. We invite you to watch a short video presenting the .

The Advertising Wall with buttons is a novelty on the market. It is a great ad of your company and amusement which makes your advertisement is remembered for years.

The Advertising Wall with lights is a very effective way to exhibit the content that you advertise. The Reflex and Reaction Time Device can be attached to wall of any size. We’ll do a project of a wall that will let you distinguish your company and exhibit your logo in an appropriate way as well as encourage your product or service.

You could order The Reaction Trainer Advertising Wall in two versions:

  • a version with 8 buttons,
  • a version with 12 buttons and THE JUNIOR MODE and SENIOR MODE.

The version with 12 buttons gives a possibility to choose the number of buttons taking part in the game. The SENIOR MODE – all the buttons are backlighted. The JUNIOR MODE – only 6 middle buttons take part in the gameplay, side and upside buttons are off  Reaction Training Device for Children). The ranking mode allows on classifying players in the scoreboard depending on their reaction time.

Advertisement that replicates itself on YouTube and Facebook

The installed Reaction Time Tester on the wall is a modern and very attractive way to spend time through activity and competition, which should include a ranking mode.

Users often take photos and record videos during the competition, and then post them on Facebook, YouTube, and unconsciously enhance the advertising message, increasing the reach of the advertisement on the internet. There is no better recommendation for a device for marketing purposes than the spontaneous spreading of the advertised content.

The structure of the wall with lights is very stable, as it is made entirely of steel. This guarantees the reliability of the device for years compared to walls with aluminum structures. The offered advertising wall is covered with a special laminate, and thus the sticker is resistant to abrasion and scratches.

Low energy consumption and safe power of 12V voltage

During device’s tests which were required as so the Reaction Trainer is allowed to be sold in the European Union market. We proved that the device consumes only 1.2 Watt of energy (1000 Watts costs 14 cents). It means that we would pay only about 5 cents for 10-hour daily work in a period of one month.

The Hand-Eye Coordination is attached to the wall with the buttons and it is powered with power of 12V which is fully harmless for people. Even if the device gets flooded or the wires get interrupted the device is completely safe.

As a producer we focus not only on durability and quality of the Advertising Wall’s performance but first of all on the simplicity of usage  Reaction Trainer for adult and Reaction Time Trainer for Children.

Technical data Advertising Wall with the Reaction Time Trainer:

Dimensions of the device:

  • width: up to 200 cm,

  • height: up to 200 cm,

  • side length: 12 cm.

Power supply:

  • voltage: 12V,

  • rated power: 12 Watts,

  • Display: Touch 4.3 inche.


Number of buttons depending on the chosen model: 8 or 12 pieces.