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Advertising Wall with the Reaction Trainer

The Advertising Wall with buttons is a novelty on the market. It is a great ad of your company and amusement which makes your advertisement is remembered for years.

The Advertising Wall with lights is a very effective way to exhibit the content that you advertise. The Reaction Trainer System can be attached to wall of any size. We’ll do a project of a wall that will let you distinguish your company and exhibit your logo in an appropriate way as well as encourage your product or service.

You could order The Reaction Trainer Advertising Wall in two versions:

  • a version with 8 buttons,
  • a version with 12 buttons and THE JUNIOR MODE and SENIOR MODE.

The version with 12 buttons gives a possibility to choose the number of buttons taking part in the game. The SENIOR MODE – all the buttons are backlighted. The JUNIOR MODE – only 6 middle buttons take part in the gameplay, side and upside buttons are off. The ranking mode allows on classifying players in the scoreboard depending on their reaction time.

6 languages versions of the display available

When You will buy a device, You schould choose one of the available language versions of the display. Until April 28, 2021, we offer the following language versions: English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Polish.

An ad that multiplies on its own in YouTube and Facebook

The reaction trainer attached to the wall is a modern and highly attractive form of spending free time throughout physical activity and competition.

Users often take photos and record videos of their competition. Then they post it on Facebook or YouTube which escalates transmission of your ad increasing its coverage on the Internet. There is no better recommendation for a marketing device than sharing the contest of the ad by itself. 

The construction of the wall is extremely stabile thanks to the fact that is is fully made of steel. It ensures reliability of the device for many years especially when it comes to comparison with the walls made of aluminium. The Advertising Wall which you can find in our offer is covered with a special laminates which protects the construction from being scratched or rubbed off.

Low energy consumption and safe power of 12V voltage

During device’s tests which were required as so the Reaction Trainer is allowed to be sold in the European Union market. We proved that the device consumes only 1.2 Watt of energy (1000 Watts costs 14 cents). It means that we would pay only about 5 cents for 10-hour daily work in a period of one month.

The Reaction Trainer is attached to the wall with the buttons and it is powered with power of 12V which is fully harmless for people. Even if the device gets flooded or the wires get interrupted the device is completely safe.

As a producer we focus not only on durability and quality of the Advertising Wall’s performance but first of all on the simplicity of usage of the Reaction Trainer attached to it.

The Advertising Wall with the Reaction Trainer with buttons and lights

Specifications of the Advertising Wall with the Reaction

Fun game consists in pressing the button currently highlighted. In one of the three training modes, the player has the option of setting the duration of the training and the time the button is illuminated. We invite you to watch a short film presenting the device.

The player can choose one of three main game programs:


The most frequently chosen program at the gym and in fitness clubs.

  • press as many illuminated buttons as possible during the workout,
  • game time – 60 seconds, button backlight time – 1 second.

CUSTOM mode:

The player, trainer or doctor has the option of making the program settings himself:

  • training time from 30 seconds to 5 minutes,
  • button backlight time from 500 ms to 3 seconds.

MEMORY mode:

The task of the memory mode is to increase the ability to remember along with motor coordination:

  • easy level: training time – 60 seconds, backlight – 3 seconds, sequence – 20 events,
  • average level: training time – 52 seconds, backlight – 1.3 seconds, sequence – 40 events,
  • hard level: training time – 54 seconds, backlight – 0.9 seconds, sequence – 60 events,
  • genius level: training time – 56 seconds, backlight – 0.7 seconds, sequence – 80 events.

The manufacturer reserves that the software versions may slightly differ from the above description, because the program is being improved on an ongoing basis based on the opinions of users, opinions of doctors and trainers using the reflexometer in everyday practice.

Device dimensions:

  • width: maximum to 200 cm
  • height: maximum to 200 cm
  • side length: 12 cm

Power supply:

  • voltage: 12V
  • rated power: 12 Watt

Display: 4.3 inch touch screen

Number of buttons: 8 or 12 pieces.

The model has a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.