Reaction time trainer for kids new model, reflex meter for children

“The new device model prepared for children called Reflexometer Junior was the main attraction of the Irena Szewińska Memorial in Bydgoszcz in August 2020. The booth of the “Education through Sport” Foundation was the most popular due to the attractive appearance of our device, where young future athletes could check their reflexes.

The Reflex Simulator for children turned out to be a hit, where through great fun, it was possible to train on the device to increase their reaction speed.

The device can also be used for medical purposes. A doctor or therapist can set the measurement time and button backlight time while waiting for the child’s reaction. The reflexometer can also be used as a tool for testing motor coordination and to aid in recovery.

The Tokyo Reflexometer model is much larger, but has a junior mode for children. Activating this mode on the touch screen of the reflex simulator allows only the middle buttons to be used in the game. The model Junior described above is prepared exclusively for our youngest participants.”

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