Savings due to low energy consumption

The purchase of a reflexometer is an investment for many years of work, which is why choosing the right model should be done consciously and according to our needs, taking into account the analysis of all costs, not just those related to the device’s purchase.

During the design of the electronic system of the device, we placed great emphasis on minimizing power consumption, which translates into lower energy costs – the device is powered only by 12V. We are aware that this involved additional expenses for testing and system components, but in our assessment, these expenses were not in vain.

During the required tests for the reflexometer to be approved for sale in the European Union market, we demonstrated that the device consumes only 1.2 watts of energy per hour (1000 watts cost 95 cents).

This means that at a price of 95 cents per 1 kWh, we would pay approximately 60 cents for the operation of the reflexometer if the device worked for the entire month (30 days) for 10 hours per day.

The low energy consumption is largely due to the LED lights and the TFT display technology used in the device.”

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