New German Version of Our Website Now Available!

We are excited to announce that our website is now available in a new language version – German ! This step is a response to the growing interest in our products and services in German-speaking countries. With this update, you will find it even easier to connect with our brand and discover our full range of offerings tailored to your needs.

Our new German version of the website includes all the key information about our products, services, and latest news. Among them, you will find detailed descriptions of our flagship products:

  • The Tokyo Reflexometer, perfect for both children and adults, featuring a touch display and SPORT & SCHOOL as well as REHABILITATION programs;
  • The Junior Reflexometer, specially designed for our youngest users, with easy-to-assemble construction and educational and rehabilitative programs. Additionally,
  • The X model – Reaction Time Trainer offers unique mobility, adjustable height, and versatility of applications.

We encourage you to visit the new version of our website and explore our extensive range of products. We believe that this new language version will contribute to a better understanding of our customers’ needs and help in building even stronger relationships.

Visit us now and experience a new level of communication with our brand! See more about us